I am pleased to announce that in 2021 Occidental Flavors Inc / Shinsei Cosmetics ™ signed with recognition a licensing agreement with Sederma Laboratories, France the leader in the development of cosmetic anti-aging peptides, the parent company of Croda Corporation, USA, for the right to use the Sederma peptide trademark for use them and also the results of clinical studies in the anti-aging skin care products of the Canadian brand Shinsei Cosmetics ™.

 Matrixyl ™ Synthe'6 ™, Matrixyl ™ Morphomics ™, Procapil ™, Biopeptide EL ™, Biopeptide CL ™, Rigin ™, Ovaliss ™, Idealift ™, Calmosensine ™ SP will be used with permission from Sederma Inc. in four Shinsei Cosmetics ™ products:

Peptide Complex Formula Serum;

Blue vertical Lines Peptide Serum;

Gynmoist cream and

Hair Peptide Serum.

 This is good news for all of us that Sederma Laboratories, France believes in the quality of the Canadian brand Shinsei Cosmetics ™. 

Entire luxury anti-aging skincare products of Canadian brand Shinsei Cosmetics ™ are produced in small quantities in a Toronto laboratory and are free of harmful chemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances and have never been tested on animals.

Lucy Kaminsky, MSc, CFS Technical Director

 Shinsei Сosmetics ™


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