About SOD superoxide dismutase

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) belongs to the group of antioxidant enzymes. In our body, it converts aggressive oxygen radicals into hydrogen peroxide, which then breaks down into oxygen and water. The SOD Complex is a unique compound that harnesses our endogenous antioxidant defenses.

What is SOD?

Superoxide dismutase (SOD), along with glutathione peroxidase, is the second largest class of antioxidant enzymes produced in the body. It has the ability to protect tissues and cells of a particularly dangerous free radical. SOD converts superoxide into a less active and aggressive substance - hydrogen peroxide, which is rapidly catabolized in water. Unfortunately, due to its fragile molecular structure, it is inactivated in the digestive tract, and the challenge still remains to produce a dietary supplement SOD that remains active when taken orally. Free oxygen radicals, which are active chemical compounds, destroy the most important components of cells (proteins, fats, nucleic acids) and connective components that make up the basis of human skin. To protect against the destructive effects of oxygen radicals in the human body, there is a special protective antioxidant enzyme system. The key enzyme of this system is superoxide dismutase (SOD), which protects blood and cells from the toxic effects of free radicals.

In our cosmetic developments, we use the powerful antioxidant SOD (SOD) of the Swiss company DSM and their pharmaceutical manufacturing laboratory Pentapharm under the brand name DISMUTIN ™:

Super antioxidant tonic;

Peptide night healing cream;

Peptide Serum Blue Vertical Line;

Peptide serum and hair soothing cream, all contain SOD.

To date, it has been shown that creams presented by SOD have the following features:

protect the skin from UV rays, polluted air, dust and dirt;

reduce inflammatory changes in the skin;

reduce and prevent necrosis (necrosis) of the skin;

highly effective for burns;

relieve allergy phenomena.

Among other things, superoxide dismutase plays a role in preventing the formation of wrinkles. The mechanism of wrinkle formation is to link together with collagen molecules in the skin. This crosslinking is accelerated in the presence of a superoxide radical, which is rendered harmless by superoxide dismutase, which every person has. However, after the age of 30 in humans, the ability to form superoxide dismutase sharply decreases, which leads to the formation of wrinkles. Using cosmetics containing SOD, it is possible to compensate for age-related changes in the body and slow down the process of wrinkles.

Since its discovery in 1968, numerous studies of SOD have been conducted.

It was first used in an injectable form to treat arthritis in adults, respiratory problems in children, or as an adjunct cancer treatment.

Research has shown that SOD has a regenerative effect on tissue thickening or strengthening caused by age, illness or injury.

Thus, SOD supplementation should, in theory, help the body fight oxidative stress and related diseases.

Now there are dietary supplements SOD, which are well absorbed. Oral bioavailability.

Animal studies also showed that the pluripotent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory properties of SOD were clearly evident after absorption of the SOD complex.

Take internally and use cosmetics, this magnificent enzyme will always look great.


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